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Numbers Lyrics – Bella White

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Numbers Song Lyrics are the Latest English song by Bella White and produced by Jonathan Wilson. Numbers Lyrics are written by Isabel Farley White

Numbers Song Details

Artist/SingerBella White
LyricsIsabel Farley White
Produced Jonathan Wilson
Label Bella White

Numbers Music

Numbers Song Lyrics

It’s not what I thought it would feel like.
The praise that’s seeping in,
it goes as quick as it comes
like it’s carried by some strong wind
and I know what it seems like.
That I’m thinking on leaving again.

Maybe I’m just a little shallow
and if it’s true that still waters run deep
well then I’ve been swiftly moving.
Can the others see right through me?
My masquerades and my illusions
that I crafted so carefully.
Well, I’m just a broken illusion,
I’m not as tough as I oughta be.

Well, the flowers my mama bought me.
They only keep for two weeks
and then they just become another reminder
that he’s never gonna write to me.
And I spoke my fears to my mama.
She said “Honey, just let it be.”
And then she sent some pretty flowers
with the hopes that my hurtin’ they would ease.

Well, you would think that I should feel happy,
but the truth is I feel spent.
And the numbers they’ve been climbing.
Just not enough to pay my rent.
I didn’t used to think much of the numbers,
but now they’re always racing through my head.
And I guess that I grew a little shallow
when I forsook the words that my mama once said.

Now my thoughts are slow and twisted.
And I can’t seem to break them down
which leaves my words false in meaning.
I feel sad when I speak out loud.
I thought I was to be a better lover
when I got out of that town.
But I’m still no good in lovin’,
and lovin’ only leaves me losin’ anyhow.
Yes, I’m still no good in lovin’,
and lovin’ only leaves me losin’ anyhow

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