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Chill with Me Lyrics – Prith V

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Chill with Me Song Lyrics are the new Hindi new Indie pop by Prith V. The is Sung, Written, and music by Prith V.

Chill with Me Song Details

SongChill with Me
SingerPrith V
LyricsPrith V
MusicPrith V
LabelSaregama India Ltd

Chill with Me Song Lyrics

Kabhi to kar mere Sath tu bhi chill
Tere sath mera Time Karu kill
You make me crazy Tere pe hai aaya dil
Oh yesi love you babyJaldi mujhko mil

This is an emergency Really not a drill
Wnna spend on you And get totally nill
Dekhu me tujhko Vc me to jata khil
Ha jata date pe To bharu apna bill

And you know I don’ t wnna
Take this slow Henceforth
I wnna get to You so close
Here we goo Just let’ s go
With the flow So let me show

I wnna chill with You for sure
Don’t go away teri Yaad satayegi
Dill me Jo baat hai Vo kab tu batayegi
Kitna tu door rehke Mujhko rulayegi

Pyar tu kab tera Mujhko jatayegi
Kabhi to time Mere sath bitayegi
Kabhi tu care tera Mujhko dhikayegi
Hu me gussa to Kya mujhko manayegi

Chill mere sath kar Le tab samjh aaygi
Ki me kya Karu Ab tere liye feel
One life baby This is not a reel
Let’s get together and

Just go out for a meal
I want you with me so
Just let’s fix the deal

Na me possesive tujhko Dena chahta dheel
Tu meri hai dawa To ho jaunga heel
Want you propose you So just let me kneel

What do you think about
It me why don’t you reveal
Cuz I know With you
I wnna grow I wnna show

That l am the one
Who loves you more
Don’t let me go I am crazy for
You head to toe So bring that glow

Back in your face
I am here for you
Teri kahaniyan Tu kabujhe sunayegi
Kabhi tu mujhe Tere pass bulayegi

Kabhi tu mujhe Tere godi mien sunayegi
Kabhi na kabhi Mere sath tu machayegi
Kab tu mukhe Tanhai se bachayegi
Kabhi tumujhe Music pe nachayegi

Kabhi na kabhi Mere paas tu aayegi
Paas tu aake mere Sason me samayegi ha
Dhekhu me tujhe to Ho jata sab hai stil
Tu mere hai nasha So let’s pop the pill

Me tera Jack hun To tu hai meri Jill
Tere aane se hogi Life fullfill
Tu nahi Life me There is no thrill
Khayal rakhu me Tera jab tu hogi l’ ll

Brunch me hogi Sandwiches vo bhi gill
I want you to be mine Unless and untill you
Tu meri popstar Tu britney
Tere jaisa Koi hit nahi Ha tere jaisa

Koi lit nahi you look so hot
In that bikini Tu meri hai
Chameli chikni Life me aayi Gai kitni
Par tere alawa Koi na tikni Kyoki ye

Ho jana vibe me Tu mere shamil
Honeymoon me Jayenge brazil
Teri addaiyen Mujhe lage kaatil
Paana hai tujhe Kar lun me haazil

You are my manzil Aur tu hi saahil
Jo na samjhe Tujhe hoga jaahil
Issiliye to lagta Me hu tere kaabil
You are my one Only your my darlin

Chill with Me Song

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