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The Fool Lyrics – Jain

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The Fool Lyrics latest English song by Jain. Lyrics written by Jain and Jason Glasser and Produced by Yodelice

Jain The Fool Song Details

SongThe Fool
LyricsJain and Jason Glasser

Jain The Fool Music

Jain The Fool Lyrics

Walking on a wire
From Earth to Venus ground
Playing with my balance
Iʼm not afraid to fall

A rose grows in outer space
I should have known better
The rain of firey rocks
The sun lights up the dark

Iʼm dancing
On the moon
The moon
Iʼm floating like a fool
A fool

Walking on a wire
I donʼt care whoʼ s around
Fairy flying footsteps
Each ones a new surprise

Spinning colored circles
Thereʼs no up or down
Singing in the silence
To my morning star

Iʼm dancing
on the moon
The moon
Iʼm floating like a fool
A fool

A new universe
We never knew

Walking a little higher
On my fingers Saturnʼs rings
Echoes have no answers
So I wonʼt ask anything

Who cares where we will go
As long as we go together
Tightrope tied to your heart
Across the universe

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