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Prema Kosam Lyrics – Mangli

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Prema Kosam song lyrics are Telugu song from the Bhaag Saale movie. Music is composed by Kaala Bhairava and sung by Mangli. Prema Kosam Lyrics were written by Kasarla Shyam. Prema Kosam is a mass love song in Telugu

Prema Kosam Song Details

SongPrema Kosam
MovieBhaag Saale
LyricsKasarla Shyam
MusicKaala Bhairava
LabelAditya Music

Prema Kosam Song Lyrics

Sunnu Lightu
Moonu Lightu
Minchindhera Love Lightu
Voddhu Chaatu
Voddhu Latu
Unte Chalu
Kontha Chotu

Prema Kosam
Prema Kosam
Prema Kosame Yelollainaa
AA Prema Kosam Chastharantha
Prema Kosam Bathakedantha
Premakosam Choosthaarantha
Premakosam Chestharantha

AA Premakosam Premakosam
Motha kosam Koothettina
Love Chesi Puvvinchhina
Metha Methaga Duvvinchina
Mathu Mathuga Kavvinchina

AA Premakosam Ye Daarainaa
AAA …OOO…Hey Hey Hey
Prema kosamYe Scheme Aina
Prema kosam Ye Scam Ayina
Prema Kosam Ye War Aina
Prema Kosam Yenthoraina..

Pema Kosam Song

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