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Ed Sheeran F64 Lyrics latest English song by Sheeran written by Ed Sheeran, Dan Benson, David Omoregie, JAE5, Godwin Vata Sonzi & Fred and produced by FRED

Ed Sheeran F64 Song Details

Artist/SingerEd Sheeran
LyricsEd Sheeran, Dan Benson, David Omoregie, JAE5, Godwin Vata Sonzi & Fred
Label SBTV: Music

Ed Sheeran F64 Music

Ed Sheeran F64 Lyrics

Let Me Speak To Me
And Your Gem This Is A Letter To You
It’s Been A While But It’s Been Hard For
Me To Get In The Booth Since We Lost
Both I Become A Father Of Two Trying To
Lively Black With A Smile But That’s
Been Harder To Do Cause All I Wanna Do
Is Talk About You But These Tears Won’t
Let Me Talk About You We Should Have
Known That We’d Be Lost Without You
Therapy Sessions Digging Deep In

Depression I Got A Life For The
Blessings But This Just Breaks My
Heart At Your Birthday Couldn’t
Even Crack A Smile I Just Tried An At
The Party Niche I’ll See You In A While
Headed To The Mirror Books From Jerk
Wins And Planting Cause That Is The Way
That Me And You Would Celebrate It I

Never Knew You’d Touch This Stuff Cause
You’d Always Bad Me Up If You Saw Me
More Than Drunk You Always Hated What It
Does Before I Just Stopped I Haven’t
Even Wanted One I Can’t Get Over This Is
Man I Wish I’d Known And You’ll Be
Crying For Night Night Set Your Family
Home Lead You To Rest In The Ground But
Without A Stone You Know It Hits Me Most
Of Moments Now When I’m Alone Every
Morning I Remember That You’re Really
Gone Cause It’s Been A Long Night And I
Cry Cause I Miss My Brother

Lately I’ve Been Crying So Much My Lungs
Hey Tear Drops All Over My Shirt Like
Blood Stains I Don’t Know To Heal A Heart

Stop Me In The Street And Say It’s
Terrible But They Don’t Know You Know
You Like I Knew You And They Never Will
No One Saw The Night Sent In Today When
We Were Battle Rapping No One Saw The
Billy Lost In Every Train To Somewhere
Random No One Saw The Holidays And Then
Our First Experience Popping No One Saw
The Things You Did For Me And Never
Asked For Nothing No One Read The
Conversation Moves That We Were Planning
No One Knew About The Way You Felt The
Scene Left You Abandoned No One Knew
About Your Fears Cause You Would Hide
Him With A Smile No One Knew When People
Took An Inch You Would Give Him A Map
Cause That Was Always Jamal Sb To The
Crowd He Used To Shout Your Net Worth
But They Don’t Mention It Now They Talk

About Your Good Deeds And Infectious
Smile A Golden Heart That Still
Remembered Is Worth More Than A Crowd
I Promise 64 Bars And I Will Keep It To
Denise And Mommy Eyes At The Gang I Just
Wish That You’d Seen It I Can’t Accept
The Year Gone But The Grief That I’m
Feeling I Pray To God For Answers But He
Still Won’t Give Me A Reason I Think
About You Every Day Nothing Will Take
This Pain Away I Keep Your Legacy

Amazing Mate The Conversations At Your
Graves The Only Way To Be Close I Know
You’ll Greet Me With The Smile On The
Day That I Go Cause It’s Been A Long
Night I Cry Cause I Miss My Brother You
Know But Life Got Your Sister Mother You
Know I Cry Cause I Miss My Brother My
Brother Was S-b-tv

Ed Sheeran F64 Music Video

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